London Amara


Mother and Son, ambrotype original, archival pigment print, 50 in. x 40 in., 2018 .jpg

“Mother and Son” ambrotype, 2019


“Amara’s immersion in the visually marked cycles of biological life is both contrasted and combined with intimate portraiture that depicts family and friends as bound up with the places they come from and inhabit. It’s an openly romantic aesthetic, but never one that feels dated or sentimental; the realities of death and decay are a consistent, melancholic presence, as is a concern for the future of the planet. In Amara’s work, human presence is always both creative and destructive, a beginning and an end. Indeed, there’s a consistent sense of longing to her images, a sense of nostalgia and an aura of ancient, even spiritual wisdom.” 

Michael Wilson is an independent arts writer and critic based in Brooklyn, NY who has been published in Art Monthly, Art Forum, Contemporary, Modern Painters, Time Out New York, Village Voice and The Wire.


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